Picture Perfect – the Selfie

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Selfies…oh, where to begin?

Or better yet, selfie lovers…where to begin? They’re an interesting breed.

I’ve studied selfie lovers (not so much professionally as curiously) in several of their natural habitats – the driver’s seat of their vehicles, in the mall holding a latte, and even strolling down the sidewalk, wind in their hair and the ideal amount of sun on their back. They’re sure to be found anywhere with gorgeous natural lighting, and their strange, pouty expression and outstretched arm (typically at a 45 degree angle) make them easy to identify.

Selfie shutterbugs require nothing more than their own camera phone and a few clever angles. They know what they want and they know how to get it, even if it takes 27 tries, 8 filters, and an exact 103 degree angle from lens to face. Rest assured, they will capture the perfect image – the selfie that hides every flaw and looks less like the actual self and more like the imaginary version in their mind.

Everyone knows the perfect selfie fools no one but the self.

Pointing fingers at the narcissistic flaws of the selfie show boater is easy, because I don’t take selfies. I’m too good for pride that repulsive, if you know what I mean. I read my Bible, after all. I sponsor kids in Africa. I volunteer. I remember people’s names. I love my kids. I, I, I…I look pretty darned good from this angle!

But let’s chat about my concern with the numbers on the scale and my stupid calorie counting. Ask me what kind of mood I’m in when the kids come home from school and I realize I’m not going to squeak in my daily dose of exercise. See if I invite you into my house when my floors need mopped and dirty dishes are stacked by the sink. Watch me politely ignore the bum asking for a few dollars as I drive home with a trunkful of groceries. And yes, One More Truth is all about Jesus, but I can’t help but wonder if each post is getting harder to write because I’m less concerned with His truth and more concerned with the way His truth reflects…me.

Truth be told, my real self – my inside self – is more flawed than I’d like to accept. The more I ignore my flaws and inspect myself from my preferred angle, the more convinced I become that maybe, just maybe, I’m finally almost perfect.

I’m a fool.

God sees my heart from all angles, from my good side and my not-so-good side, in bad lighting and natural lighting. He sees me overexposed, underexposed, and completely unfiltered. He sees my imperfections, my motives, and my thoughts. He asks me to look at myself from His view – flaws and all. Not to embarrass me, not to shame me, but to help me see how much the real me needs Him. Because if I ignore my weaknesses, I won’t need His strength. If I’m convinced I’m perfect, I won’t need a Savior. If I deny I’m flawed, I’ll miss out on His grace, and it’s because of His grace, I don’t have to hide. I’m free to be me.

Little, ordinary me.

And I’m okay with that.


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  1. Wow!! Seriously, I love, love this post. Thank you for being open and vulnerable. Being this honest can be scary, and full of ridicule. I can once again relate to what you have written.
    You also reminded me of a post a read awhile ago, and the honesty the writer had. I find it funny and real, because it’s true. Here is the link:


    Thank you again, I always look forward to what God has in your heart to share.

    1. Honesty…yikes! Especially when it ain’t so pretty. But when I get out of the way, God has a lot more room for writing. This time, He had to nudge me out of the way a bit.

      Thanks for the weekly encouragement and for all the prayer. And thanks for sharing!

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