Beyond Awareness: Trauma-informed Writing with Ann Kroeker Recorded training, worksheets, and transcript to help you apply a trauma-informed lens to your writing – a benefit to your readers and TO YOU!

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Creating a trauma-informed culture

What is trauma-informed writing? What is a trauma-informed writer?

Recognizing tension, mental loops, and emotions that signal deeper needs

Designing a care plan that meets your holistic needs

Disciplines that prevent burnout and feelings of inefficacy

I’m burnt out. Now what?

Responsive faith in a reactive world

Journeying with your child through mental health struggles

The trauma-informed approach to marriage

Viewing your adult child through a trauma-informed lens

Teen pregnancy and the untold experience

My expertise:

Certified Trauma Specialist and pioneer in creating trauma informed cultures

Experienced in mentoring and teaching women in poverty, abuse, recovery, and those serving time

8 years in the nonprofit sector

Certified Barre instructor (yes, this can be included in any training/speaking engagement!)

Prior engagements:


Beyond Awareness: Trauma-informed Writing with Ann Kroeker

Redbud Roundtable – The Trauma-informed Writer

Justice College – Trauma-informed Discipleship


Your Platform Matters writing group: Grants 101

Mission Connexion Conference: Creating a trauma-informed culture of discipleship

Wives of Integrity Conference

Perryville Prison Second Chance Program: Why do I sabotage my boundaries?

Hustle Phoenix: Creating a trauma-informed culture

CTIPP February workshop: Community benefits of trauma informed, faith based organizations

Hope Women’s Center: Grace with self & realistic boundaries

Co-host of the Aug-Dec season of Journey On podcast


Mission Connexion Conference: Implementing a trauma-informed culture

Arizona Trauma-informed Faith Community: How to have grace-filled conversations about polarizing topics

Hope Women’s Center: growing resilience & preventing burnout

Ladies Who Lead Realtors Group: planning self-care and committing to it

2020 and prior:

Great Hearts Academy: trauma-informed care and resiliency

Hope Women’s Center: growing resilience to prevent secondary trauma

Focus on the Family: personal testimony

Women’s Group at Scottsdale Bible Church: Choosing full over busy

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