Hi, I’m Michelle!

I know a thing or two about faith in adversity. I was a teen mom and single mom. I mentored and taught women in abuse and crisis for 8 years. As a parent, I’ve journeyed with children through mental health issues, which included some really dark seasons. I’m a trainer and podcast cohost for Arizona’s Trauma-Informed Faith Community, as well as the creator and owner of Sincerity Method, a trauma-informed approach to wellness and fitness.

This is where I work out my faith, embrace the slow virtues, pull closer to Jesus and trust Him more – one step at a time, One More Truth at a time.


I’m a married mother of four, plus two sons in law, and a Mimi of one.

I’ve lived in 5 states all over the map, but right now, home is the desert suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona.

I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, SOZO and Somatic Therapist, Barre Instructor, and Trauma Specialist.

I’m an early riser and sunrise chaser.

I’m a Board member for the Redbud Writer’s Guild.

Before OMT, I journaled through the entire Bible for each of my children. Took a year and a half, but it was the most defining Bible study I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend it.

My work has been featured with many publications, including the Women’s Devotional Bible in The Message (2024). You can read my featured work here.

Truth is most captivating when lived sincerely and offered gracefully–at the right time. Jesus gave the best example. One More Truth is a reflection of His love, His simplicity, and His goodness.

Welcome to this safe space.

Feel free to reach out any time or connect with me on Instagram!